***MOIST david usher - vocals ********

DAVID USHER is the hyper super-good looking lead singer of Moist which many females like to throw themselves at. But Dave is not all looks, he earned a degree in Political Science at Simon Fraiser University. David was born on April 24, 1966 and is orignally from Oxford, England but moved to Canada at a very young age. His father is Jewish, and his mother is Thai which may explain his physical appearance.

He was in a rap group previous to Moist, called the True Hype Crew. In one of their videos, Dave is wearing an orange turtleneck, a weird hat... and doing this odd dance, I have it on tape *muahahaha* it's REALLY shocking! Dave used to share an apartment with a friend called Gumby where in the apartment the main showpiece was their moldy loaf of bread (maybe they couldn't afford a bonzai tree or something?). Now here's a lil interesting fact, Dave was once short of money to take this girl out on a date so he took part in an university experiment. They put a rubber ring around his dick and made him watch porn flicks while they measured his sexual arousal. What a way to make money eh?

On stage Dave is a very destructive front man, he likes to break stuff (i.e. Keyboards, mic stands, Jeff, Kevin etc..) and jumps a lot. Well, not as much anymore since he fucked up his back during a show this summer in Quebec. He is also nicknamed Hollywood.

David is now married to Sabrina. The two wed on May 8th, at Dave's father's house. Congrats to the both of them! Oh and just another lil fact, Dave used to date one of the girls from the group "West End Girls" but (of course) they eventually broke it off.

Pictures Of David