Moist Has Work Cut Out To Top Selves

By Gerry Krochak
Thursday, October 24, 1996

You'd think Moist would have every reason in the world to be optimistic about the coming year.

After all, the band has just released its new album, Creature, which follows the near quadruple platinum Silver.

But singer David Usher says the band still takes nothing for granted.

"I'm just happy right now that the record is done," he says. "I'm still getting over that trauma!

"We're definitely optimistic about things, but we're cautious at the same time.

"We're happy to be playing again is the main thing."

Moist definitely has its work cut out if it hopes to top Silver.Originally the band's indie debut, it was recorded for under $5,000, but was quickly scooped up by the major label EMI after the group sold over 5,000 copies on its own.

The band went on to sell staggering amounts in Canada and made serious inroads in parts of the U.S, the U.K. and in Thailand, where Silver went gold.

Usher is well aware that fans are anticipating a lot with this new album, but he says no one puts more pressure on the band than its members.

"It's called a 'sophomore record' for a reason," he says. "And we're aware of that.

"We...put pressure on ourselves, (but) I don't think we had a specific goal in mind other than to make a record that felt right."

In that sense, Usher feels, the band was successful.

"We've learned a lot about getting the live feel of a song and capturing the emotion of a song, rather than working on perfection per se," he explains.

"At the same time, having three months to record meant there was a lot more time to focus on the small things.

"For myself, personally, it's progression."

Now the band has to get out on the road and work the album.

The group has come a long way since its first time in Regina, where it played in front of around 30 people at Channel One (R.I.P.).

This Saturday, the band opens for Neil Young in front of what should be a capacity crowd at the Agridome.

Usher isn't quite sure how the band will go over with Young's fans, but he sure is excited about the opportunity.

"We're a very song oriented band, but we're also a very energetic band," he says.

"We've opened for a lot of different people (Live, Green Day, Red HotChilli Peppers, Collective Soul). You just go out, duck your head and goafter it as much as you can!

"It's too exciting to not go out there and have a good time."