by Kelowna Vincent
September 1993, p.31

I was first introduced to the sounds of Moist in a backward manner. A member of the band handed me a cigarette accompanied by a Moist sticker. A congenial guy, he couldn't resist the opportunity to self-promote. I listened half-intently and was convinced to catch the band the next day at the Pit Pub at UBC. I was more impressed with the physical attributions that the band possessed rather than their musical ones. As a friend stated: "That boy was born with the looks to lead a band."

Indeed, Moist is comprised of five very handsome young men, so I watched and admired then left and forgot. It wasn't until five months later, when they were a last minute addition as an opening band at the Town Pump, that I actually began to pay attention to the music. I was so impressed that the very next day I dug deeply for their debut disc, but managed only a casette and have been happily entertained ever since.

Yes, Moist is heavily influenced by Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and several other bands that are just dangling on the edge of my tongue. Memories flow freely when the guitar, or keyboards hit a series of familiar notes but this is all part of the music's enchantment.

Lead singer David Usher's voice is the strong point here, full of such energy and honest, driving emotion that just pulls you right in and wraps you up. In particular, the keyboards make the most difference on this tape, adding the necessary spice in the otherwise guitar oriented music. Favorite tracks of mine include the harsh and sensual "Push", the emotional "Believe Me", "Kid Conductor" and "Picture Elvis".

It's unfortunate that "Moist" is not released on CD, for then it would be far less time consuming to repeat a song over and over and over again.