9 Song Demo Review

From M.E.A.T. magazine

Moist have been in everyone's face of late with the rotation of their video for "Push," on Muchmusic. "Push" happens to be the opening track on this nine song outing from this Vancouver group. What's spectacular about this band is their lead singer, David Usher, who really has that "it" - he exudes an incredible air of confidence, leading Moist down a road of emotional musical adventure that simply astounds. They begin with one of the best 1-2-3's I've heard on a demo in ages, following the hit track with "Believe Me" and "Sweet Electric Child." The rest of the tape continues in their more mid-paced direction, showing their sounds to be heavily influenced by British scenes of past and present. I especially like their usage of keyboards in a few tracks, most noticeably in the surefire hit "Picture Elvis." Easily one of the most modern and impressive acts I've heard from the Vancouver area, every track is distinguishable and seperately worked. Great songwriting and arrangements. I have no doubt that Moist will eventually see a well deserved record deal.

c/o 10-877 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1C2