~*Moist News*~

Moist In The Mags

Rolling Stone is thinking of doing a Moist Tour Diary for the next 3 weeks. They are still considering printing it, so to help out you can email them and request to see the article! Also...it has been said that David will be appearing in the french magazine ELLE. It is supposedly in the October issue.

Moist At The MMVA's

Moist will be appearing at the Much Music Video Awards on September 18. They are up for 6 nominations this year, including (People's Choice) Favourite Band!! WOO HOO! GO MOIST!! ...I'm not sure of the other nominations :0)

More and More Touring...

Sept 3 ... Carleton University ... Ottawa, Ontario
Sept 4 ... Outdoors, TBA ... Kingston, Ontario
Sept 5 ... McMaster University ... Hamilton, Ontario
Sept 7 ... Brock University ... St. Catherines, Ontario
Sept 8 ... Western Fair (w/tea party and others) ... London, Ontario
Sept 11 ... Guelph University ... Guelph, Ontario
Sept 18 ... WCC Radio Show ... Hartford, CT

Learn To Play Moist On Your Geetar!!

A Moist songbook is due out in the fall!! WOO HOO!! So for all you guitarists out there that want to learn how to play your favourite Moist songs, watch for that!! Also, Kevin promised to tab Disco Days for us pianists!! YEAH!!

Boas?! On a Moist set?!

If you have been to a recent Moist show you may have noticed a feather boa on stage. Some fans bought a purple boa and gave it to Mark at the end of the Sherbrooke show. A black and red have also been given to the band. Two more will be bought and given to Moist in the future.

Rumors About Dave & Sabrina

Rumor has it Sabrina (David's new wife) is pregnant!! I don't know if this is true or not so don't blame if it IS just a rumor! No offence to David or anything, but I thought he'd be the last in the band to get married and start a family... I always pictured Jeff or Kevin getting married first. Oh well, if this is true Congratulations To David & Sabrina!!