***MOIST the trade *******************

If you have something to off, by all means please email me with your name, what you've got to trade (if you have nothing thats fine) and/or what you want. If you are looking to sell, or auction your item please include your starting price and till what date your auction will be open. Also include your email address if you are sending this message from another address. I will post you on this page as soon as possible. Thanks

V = Video ||| A = Audio ||| M = Misc.

Since their is a canadian postal work strike going on right now, no trading will be going on until after

Name: Stacey
Email: sk1984@ipoline.com
What I've Got: MuchMusic Moist I&I (V), Gasoline Single *includes Tangerine remix (A), Moist EP *note: since this has been dubbed 3-4 times, the quality is not the greatest (A), Live Preformances *including Thai version of Leave It Alone (A), Moist Secret Concert (A), Fan Club CD (A)
What I Want: Basically anything I don't have! Mostly videos and other live preformances.

Name: Laura
Email: BalsdonAl@JDCORP.deere.com
What I've Got: Miss You (A), Broken (A), My Conditioning Gasoline and Disco Days (I&I) (V), Push (acoustic, Texas and Orleans Mix) (A), Thai version of Leave It Alone (A), Bootleg from Calgary (?) Push single (A), Gasoline single (A), Indie tape(A), Fan Club CD (A), Concert from Morin Heights Studio in Quebec (A), Concert from secret location aired on Q107 (A), interviews (M), all of MOIST's video's except Machine Punch Through (V), Intimate & Interactive (V), Spotlight (V), Much Music Video Awards (V), Pictures from the internet(M), Concert listings (M), Newspaper articles (M), Pictures from 102.1 and Massey Hall (M)
What I Want: Whatever I don't have.Bootlegs, singles.EVERYTHING.