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Scenery & Fish
*Notes On Songs Written By Christian Tanna
1. Hello Dave - 0:47
2. Like A Girl - 4:40
3. One More Astronaut - 5:24
4. Another Sunday - 4:05
5. Three Days Old - 5:47
6. Used To Be Alright - 5:27
7. Shortcut To Moncton - 7:56
8. Pisser - 5:00
9. Raspberry - 5:45
10. Songburst & Delirium - 5:55
11. Sense Of Henry - 5:16
12. Earth, Sky & C. - 7:06
Liner Notes
Produced by Paul Northfield and Jagori Tanna
Engineered and Mixed by Paul Northfield
Additional Engineering: Jagori Tanna
Recorded at Studio Morin Heights, Quebec; Huff's
Place, Toronto; Arnyard Studios, Toronto; Number Nine
Sound, Toronto
Assisted By Jocelyn Daoust, Jim Huff,
Sam DeBartolo and Dan LeBlanc
Mixed at Studio Morin Heights, Quebec
Assisted by Don Hachey
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland
All Songs Copyright 1996 EMI April Music
Inc./Purpleberries Music, All Rights Reserved.
Used by Permission.

Edwin - Vocals
Jagori Tanna - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Bruce Gordon - Bass
Christian Tanna - Drums

Additional Musicians
Percussion: Luis Conte, Daniel Mansilla
Hammond Organ: Kenny Pearson

Alex Lifeson appears courtesy of Anthem Entertainment
Group Inc. (Canada), courtesy of Atlantic
Records/Anthem Entertainment Group Inc. (ROW)

Management: Robert Luhtala and
John Boyes for RLM
869 Broadview Ave.
Toronto, ON M4K 2P9

Financial Dictator: Barry Alper

I Mother Earth merchandise available from:
Blue Grape Merchandise
530 Broadway, 2nd floor
New York, N.Y. 10012

I Mother Earth uses DW Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Pro Mark
Sticks, J.F. Naylor Amps, and a groovy Mackie recording
Daniel Mansilla uses Moperc Percussion.

Web Site:
Email Address:

I Mother Earth Fan Club:
IME Headquarters
152 Carlton St.
P.O. Box 92529
Toronto, ON M5A 4N9

I Mother Earth Hotline: 416-462-0669

Thanks To: Sam Touma, Jeff Graham,
Kathy Simmons, Robin Forbes, Alida
Gorizzan, Grant Varney, Kim
Carroll, Rosie & Jesse Kemsley,
Chris & Jannette & Hayden, Paul
Waters, Nadine & Tanya Sursug,
Adrian, Luciana, Nona & Adrian Sr.,
Daveed & Brigette, Lenni Jabour, Rick
Ludlow, Armando Borg, Johnny Watt
Andre Aresnault, Matthew Drost,
Frank Szard, Assorted Astroms, Sydney,
Rachel Taylor, Tanja Hudson, Barb &
Tara & Jason, Anne & Bill, Hulsmans,
Mason, Sinclair, Otis, Didi and Tara,
Dave Downey, Lea Pisacane, Mitch Joel,
Judy Smith, Alex Lifeson, Chris
Burrell, Alisdair Jones, Ray Daniels,
Jerry Levitan, Sharon & Leanne, Julie
Sieh, Mike Frondelli, John Fierle,
Mike Hyttinen, Tricia Sabo, D.K.
Sweet, Felix Sebacious, Stef
Delmedico, Bob Wojick, Arnold Lanni
James Richard & Catherine Huff, Glueleg,
Our Lady Peace, hHead, Stick, Dream
Theatre, Rush, The Rhearsal Factory,
Kyla Wilson & Patrick Florin at RLM,
Scott & Lisa at Mesa Boogie, Craig at
Coll Audio, Tony at DR Strings, Bill &
Peter at Sabian, Claude at Louis
Musical/EMG, Guy at Ernie Ball/Music
Man, All at Just Drums, Deane Cameron
Tim Trombley and everyone at EMI Music
Canada, and Gary Gersh and
everyone at Capitol Records

Extra Special Thanks to
Our Families for their
beautiful love and support

Art Direction:
Tommy Steele
Photography & Illustration:
Amy Guir
Design & Addt'l. Illustration:
P.R. Brown @ Bau-da Design Group