***MOIST sweet electric child **********

take a look at his head

Baby said she likes it fatal
My love's a loaded gun
God only knows she likes it easy
As it comes, take it as it comes ya

I know she's been playin' with the needle
I've been playin' with the gun
Never find a way to kick into her
Time to end, what's begun oh what's begun ya

Sweet electric child
Got to know she begged to die
C'mon baby say a prayer
I'll be there yes I'll be there
Sweet electric child
Push all the time oh all the time
Find a way out now
Sweet electric child

Said that life can be so tricky
Is it dead or in a sleep
In the crack and in the cradle
Up to me, leave it up to me ya

Sweet electric child

She knows what it's got to be
Could be this could be that
Found a place to hang it

Sweet electric child

Want to die